Have Your Cake; Cupcakes Too!

Cupcakes have become the dessert of choice recently, and for good reason! There is something fun and personal about a small individual sized cake made just for you. And, something so wonderful about getting a bite of frosting with every bite of cake!

But then we have cake, a big beautiful sugar sculpture waiting to be ceremoniously cut and anxiously awaited. There is something special about the daring tiers stacked on top of one another and flawlessly frosted.

So, how do you choose!? Well, you don't have too! Have a cake, and cupcakes too!

Giant cupcakes are a really fun twist on the cupcake trend. Cakes these days can come in any shape imaginable, at least on TV, so why not make one into a cupcake? It's so fun to use a giant cupcake on top of a cupcake tower!

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