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Pumpkin Picks

This whimsical plant is actually part of the eggplant family but they grow to look like miniature pumpkins! The shelf life is 1-2 weeks so they are a hearty option for floral arrangements.
With all that inspiration, I thought I’d share a few of your options!  Maybe you want a fall wedding but don’t want to be predictable. Orange pumpkins are not your only option, think outside the box and do something interesting.  White pumpkins are beautiful in a bridal, sophisticated way. But maybe you want to match... Read more »

Have Your Cake; Cupcakes Too!

Cupcakes have become the dessert of choice recently, and for good reason! There is something fun and personal about a small individual sized cake made just for you. And, something so wonderful about getting a bite of frosting with every bite of cake! But then we have cake, a big beautiful sugar sculpture waiting to... Read more »