Include Your Pet In Your Wedding day!

Many of us love our pets dearly; we take them outside for a daily walk, feed them, pet the

Many of us love our pets dearly; we take them outside for a daily walk, feed them, pet them and bathe them! They are a huge part of our lives, and when you are ready to day "I do" why not include them in one of the biggest moments of your life, your wedding. Many people have used their pets in their wedding, because their pets become part of their family.

Even celebrities used their pooch in their wedding such as, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, Adam Sandler and Jackie Titone, and Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell, just to name a few. Having a pet in your wedding brings a unique twist and personality to your special event. Make sure you know your pet's behavioral habits and with a little faith, including your pet should be a bark in the park.

Here are a few tips to help you incorporate your pet in your big day:

-         First thing first, please inform your guest before hand. That way they can expect it. People may be afraid of pets, or even allergic!

-         Make sure that your pet knows basic commands such as; "come", "sit", "stay".

-         Ask yourself, "Is your pet easily distracted?" "Will it stay still, or bark the hole time?"

-         Your pet may only be comfortable with people he knows and that is the bride and groom, include toys or your pets bed next to you that way your pet knows where to go after it walks down the aisle and knows something that is familiar to them.

-         Take your pet to the rehearsal, practice makes perfect!

-         Avoid too much water or treats before the ceremony. You don't want any mistakes during your vows.

-         Make sure that while your attending your guests that your pet is taken care of. Have a family member, friend or professional take care of it, and prepare them a basket full of water, treats, poop bags and napkins.

-         Please check with the church or venue to see what kind of potential hazards that may cause harm to your pet. Such as; hazardous plants, chocolate, alcohol, or meat with bones.

Some people may feel uncomfortable working with a pet or the venue does not allow pets. Here are some ways to still include your pet in your big day:

-       Include them in your save the dates. They make a great memory.

-       Have it while you are getting ready, and have the photographer take pictures.

-       After the ceremony and before the reception take pictures outside


Another option is doing what Pink and Carry Heart did, unfortunately they did not include their four dogs in the wedding but they did take them in their honeymoon.

As you can see including your pet is easy, if you prepare for it correctly. So go head and include your pet in your wedding and make things unique and memorable.

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