Engagement Stories You Won't Believe!


We have seen ladies being proposed in many public events like a NBA basketball game, or an NFL football game. Well that is old news! More and More men are looking for special and unique ways to surprise their girlfriends with a creative and memorable engagement. Meet Roshan and Nick, these men went above and beyond for their lucky ladies.


Dinner And A Special Movie


Meet Roshan, when he started to plan the engagement he started small. He wanted to create the fairytale that Neeta deserved. So he started to collect home VHS movies of her and decided to make a story of her life. He transferred all of the footage to a DVD and made a movie on his Macbook (in which he bought for this purpose). Now where to show it? He decided to raise the bar and have it play in a movie theater. So he contacted many places until he found one. At this point since if he wanted to show a movie he needed to "rent out" the theater. So he bought all 150 seats! He thought, since he is doing all of this might as well capture her reaction on camera too! So he hired a photographer that hid in the movie theater, he also had a microphone in the cup holder to capture audio! WOW! But check this out! He had to make fake tickets so she won't find out, plus staff from the theater and even people that were off came in to participate with their friends! After the "fake" movie started people started to leave the theater and then suddenly the movie stopped. Neeta was confused, then Roshan's movie started to play. Then she figured out what was going on. At the end of the movie it said: " A lifetime of happiness... Together". Then he got down on one knee and proposed, and of course she said YES!



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A Moment Frozen In Time


Meet Nick, he had planned weekend getaway in downtown Chicago for his lucky lady. He first booked the Elysian Hotel to her surprise, had the front desk give her a gift certificate to the Elysian Spa. Then he made reservation at the Spiaggia restaurant ( Where president Obama, had taken Michelle for their anniversary last year) after they were seated they were presented a signed cookbook from the executive chef and partner of Spiaggia, Tony Mantuano. Plus enjoyed complimentary appetizers and dessert. After dinner, they went to the Buckingham Fountain where the show started at 8pm. Here's the kicker; it took him two months to organize a "Flash Mob". He created a fake facebook account to accomplish this, he wanted to propose to Amy and have this moment in time freeze just for her. So what is a flashmob? It is the newest form of performance art. This is created by a social media page or a viral email. People will show up to a specific place and do some type of performance art and then disperse.


As the show began they walked towards the fountain, as well as about 70 other people did to and froze, except Nick and Amy. That's when he said to her: "I would do absolutely anything for you in life, and I have frozen time at this instant so that you would remember it forever". Then he got down on one knee and she said yes! There are photos of the proposal and video!






Picture Perfect in Paris

Meet Steve, he planned a trip to Paris to propose to his girlfriend Emily. But he wanted to document this memorable moment, so how to do this? Hire a photographer! But one in Paris! So he contacted Haig, which Steve contacted three weeks before the trip. Haig suggested the perfect location, helped with timing, and even suggested to bring wine and cheese after the proposal. When they arrived at the Eifel tower Emily wanted to go straight to the top, but the line was very long and time was running out, so they got to a little altercation. But Steve pulled a fast one and said: " We're in Paris, do we have to argue?" and after that they went to the park in front of the Eifel tower and he got down on one knee and Emily said yes!


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