Different Ideas For Entertainment

Looking for a great and fun way to entertain your guest at your next event? Look no further; we have some ideas for you to choose from.


Too White Crew

Is the world's first & only old skool hip hop tribute band. They perform hip hop anthems from the late 80's to early 90's 100% live! Which makes them the only band in the world to perform the music they cover. They also have backup dancers, In Living Color style.  They are from Chicago and have traveled all over the U.S., for example, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York City. To receive more information about them visit them at:




The Breakfast Club

It was formed in December 1993, and is the first tribute band of its kind in the country. Created by Jerry Finley, who has worked with such 80's music legends as The Romantics and The Hooters, the band continues to be the most requested and widely marketable 80's tribute band in the Eastern United States. The Breakfast Club guys have performed for movie stars, rock legends, some of the world's top corporations, and more than three million of the most amazing fans a band of any kind could ever hope for. For more information visit them at:


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Redmoon Theater

Redmoon was founded in 1990 to promote a unique brand of performance committed to the highest quality artistic product and to civic well being. Pulling with conviction from contemporary art forms and ancient theatrical forms, Redmoon has created a performance style that is equal parts pageantry, gadgetry, acrobatics, and ephemera. Creating extraordinary visual effects that will amaze your guests. For more information visit them at:

Drum Circle

If you are looking to do something different for your event, hire drum circle. They offer different varieties of music such as: African drummers and dancers, Belly dancers, Brazilian dancers and musicians, Fire spinners, Hawaiian musicians and dancers, Korean musicians and dancers, Latin/ Afro-Cuban, Native American musicians and dancers, Middle Eastern musicians and Taiko drummers. These offer a more cultural twist to your event and makes it even more special.

For more information visit:


These are some of the options in making your special day even better. So go ahead explore your options and check out these great entertainers!


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