Chicago Welcomes the 52nd Annual Air and Water Show!

Flying High! Brides around the city of Chicago look to the sky on the largest and longest running Air and Water Show in the country. The weekend of August 14-15, 2010 marks the 52nd annual Chicago Air and Water Show.  The show started as a part of Chicago's "Family Day" celebration and had a budget of just eighty-eight dollars. Slowly it has grown to be one of the city's greatest summer events. It now brings in over two million spectators and despite the added visitors, brides still push through to get married on such an eventful weekend. All events are done on the beautiful coast and waves of Lake Michigan.  The official start time is 10:00am and will go on throughout each day until 4:00pm.  The air portion of the show provides viewers with air entertainment from the U. S. Navy Blue Angels, Chicago Fire Department Air and Sea Rescue Tem, Aero Shell Aerobatic Team, and several other talents. This year Chicago has the privilege of witnessing actor Vince Vaughn tandem jump with the U.S. Army Parachute Team Golden Knights. The water entertainment is provided by some of the world's finest wave riders and it is a show that is sure to please. The show will give all out of town wedding guests yet another thing to see in Chicago, but be warned getting around the city will prove to be even more difficult. To avoid the extra traffic, it might be best to stick to the public transportation system. There is no missing the sound of the jets overhead, so hats off to our brides who welcome in the rumble and the roar, and pledge "I DO" during a highflying weekend!


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