Taking Care of Kids During a Wedding

Honey, I Don't Want to Watch The Kids!

When making your guest list, it's very common to
come across a couple who has children you also want to invite to the wedding.
They could either be your relatives or a close friend's newborn whom they simply
cannot leave at home! While this may propose a problem to the flow and
fun of your wedding day (we agree, we wouldn't want crying babies
during our reception either!) there are many ways to keep these
children occupied so that your wedding day is enjoyable for all!
Make kid-friendly gift bags! Make a bag or decorative box full of
things that will entertain young children. These small goodie bag
items include crayons, a small coloring book, glow sticks, colored
bracelets, figurines, small beanie animals, etc. Remember that these
bags don't have to be extravagant or cost a lot of money, they just
need to keep the children at your wedding busy.
Hire babysitters! This option may seem obvious, but bringing
babysitters to your wedding could save not only you, but the parents
of the children as well. Instead of having to call and check up on the
kids constantly, the parents and come and go as they please to a
special kids room that you would set up. That way, the children will
be close enough to their parents without having to bother the rest of
the guests.
Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your
It's imperative to have as many family members and friends there as
possible, both physically and mentally! Take the time to keep the
children at your wedding busy, and it will more than pay off!



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