Running of the Brides

Get Your Sneakers On! Filene's Basement, Here We Come!

We've all see the shows on TV where brides jump through hoops to win a
wedding dress. Alright, maybe they don't necessarily jump through hoops,
but they do participate in mentally and physically exhausting contests,
standing and holding on to a wedding dress so long they collapse to the ground.
This may sound a bit crazy, but the one left standing wins a BRAND! NEW!

Should all brides be willing to go to such great lengths to have a free
or extremely inexpensive wedding gown? Well, we say, what do you have to lose?
Wedding dress shopping is typically done with family members and friends, so
why not spice it up a bit? This year, spend some of your time wedding dress
shopping at Filene's Basement's 2010 Running of The Brides!

This year, the Running of the Brides is taking place on July 23rd
from 8AM to 9PM. It is a one-day event ladies, so don't miss out! There
will be over 1,700 gowns available for purchase, and the price tags are simply
to die for. Gowns will be priced anywhere from $699 to as low as $249!
It'll blow your mind as you sort through dresses whose original price
tags were $900 to $9,000 and higher.

Future brides, this is not an event you want to miss! Come to the Filene's
Basement location at 1 North State
Street in downtown Chicago. We're sure that walkie-talkies
and whistles are allowed, Courtney Cox style (photos below of the Friends episode you must see!)


friends 1.jpg

friends 2.jpg

friends 3.jpg


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