Flower Girl Hairpieces

From barrettes to flowers to
headbands, there are many different options when finding the perfect hairpiece
for your flower girl. However, it's also extremely important not only to think
of the different options, but more importantly what options will work best with
the age of your flower girl. We won't help you calm temper tantrums, but we are
here to help prevent them with finding cute, comfortable hairpiece ideas!

Headbands, barrettes, and clips are
a great option for all ages. They stay on snug and often cause little to zero
discomfort for little ones. They are also easy to put back on if they are taken
off. Another great aspect to these accessories is that they can easily be
decorated or dressed up depending on the age of the girl wearing it! Flowers, feathers,
and ribbons can be added to make a simple hair accessory something that makes a
flower girl's outfit complete.

Though not always suited for a
younger crowd, metallic colors and rhinestones are the modern look of hair
accessories. For flower girls that are a bit older, around the age of six, this
may be a great hair accessory to have. It adds a bit of flare to an otherwise
traditional and simple hairstyle.

Another option for hairpieces is a
bun wrap or wreath. This style should also be for girls older than six. If used
for a younger child, they might try to pull and grab at the hair pieces until
there is no time to redo the hair! Try a bun wrap that has flowers that are the
same as the color scheme, or a simple white or pearl color that can go with any
theme. It could quite possibly be the "something blue" at your wedding if you
so choose!

The possibilities are endless when
thinking of what hairpieces to use for the children in your wedding. While
there are many options, it's important to also consider the age of your flower
girl and what will make her comfortable! Practicality will prevent temper
tantrums, and (hopefully) produce a pleasant flower girl on your wedding day.





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