Adding Color to your Wedding

Adding Color to your Wedding

You've been to fun weddings. You've
been to beautifully decorated weddings. But have you been to weddings that have
been both fun and beautifully decorated? It's often hard to picture what your
wedding will look like until the day it comes. Sure, you can pick out the floral
arrangements, the color scheme, and you will more than likely pick out how the
entire table setting will look. But it's small touches that will set your
wedding over the top, something to make it both fun and beautifully decorated.
A wedding day is a day to make memories for you and your fiancé, but it's also
rewarding to make the day memorable for your guests. One of the best ways to do
this is to add color anywhere you can!

Your color scheme for the day is
simply the foundation for your decorations. However, just a few colors have the
ability to make a loud statement at your wedding! This is best done by using a
neutral color like a grey, black, or white, and adding accent colors that make
it pop like hot pink, lime green, royal blue, etc. That way, you can use
neutrals in the ceremony or cocktail hour without overwhelming or distracting
guests, and using a small amount of louder colors to bring the day to life.

Add bright colors to things that
you wouldn't normally think about! Have bridesmaids use colored umbrellas on a
sunny day or wear brightly colored sandals when feet get tired. Instead of
having a plain white ribbon wrap around your bouquet, add something that makes
it pop or accents the arrangement! Add color to your place card table by
draping an accented colored ribbon throughout the place cards. Lastly, use
picture frames on the tables at the reception that coordinate with your color

There are many ways to add color to
your wedding day. It's important to be creative and choose colors that you love
and will make your special day come to life. However, it's important to not
make your decorations too loud! Use color with caution, but make sure to think
about small details that could make your wedding day more special.





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