Bouquet Toss Everyone Will Want to be a Part of!

The bouquet toss is a longstanding tradition in the history

of weddings.  Brides choose beautiful
flowers for a bouquet to match their theme colors or to just to look beautiful
for the big day.  However, a current
creative trend in bouquet arrangements is looking toward something other than
flowers to toss at the ceremony.  Brides
are getting creative and making a lottery ticket or cash bouquet to toss rather
than the traditional flowers.

One way to make a bouquet of lottery tickets is use a real

bouquet of flowers with long ribbons hanging from the bouquet.  Then tape the lotto tickets to the
ribbons.  This way it should be easy
enough to remove if any of them are winners.
Another idea is to safety pin the lotto tickets inside the bouquet and
have them sticking out of the bouquet in a flattering way.  Whichever way you choose, your wedding will
be a winner.



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