Can't Find a Fun Wedding Favor? Donate the Money to a Charity

If you can't decide on a favor to give to your wedding gifts, or just think it is a waste of money; one of the newest ideas is using the money you had allotted to favors and donating it to a charity.  You may already have a charity you hold dear to your heart, but if you don't here are a few of our favorites.  


  1. I DO

The I DO foundation is a non profit organization focused on
linking engaged couples with charity choices for their wedding.  The I DO foundation attracts over 10%
of engaged couples each year to plan giving back to their favorite charity for
their wedding.  In 2009, the I DO
foundation teamed up with JustGive, a charitable giving website, so as to
better serve the wedding sector.

  1. JustGive

The online charitable giving website to assist in
finding the right charity for you and your significant other.  The JustGive database contains over 1.5
million charities.  JustGive has
1,000 of those charities that have met stringent public requirements.  Also, charities are grouped into 19
categories to help you narrow down your options to the charity that's best for
the both of you.


  1. Lance
    Armstrong Foundation

Giving the famous Lance Armstrong yellow bracelets as
wedding favors is a timely idea for donations-in-lieu-of-favors.  Each wristband is $1 and the money is donated
directly to the Lance Armstrong Foundation supporting people affected by
cancer.  The $1 bracelets are well
within the range of most wedding favor budgets and give your guests a tangible
momento of a worthy cause.


  1. Donna
    Hicken Foundation

The Donna Hicken Foundation supports breast cancer
research.  From the Donna Hicken
Foundation you can order pink Carpe Diem (seize the day) wristbands for $5 each
that support breast cancer research. 


  1. Relief

Donations at wedding do not just start and end at wedding
favors.  Many couples today, older
couples in particular, are registering with charity clearinghouse instead of,
say Target.  Relief Web is a United
Nations website providing information to humanitarian relief organizations for
example earthquake or hurricane stricken cities where the people are in need of
immediate relief. 


  1. Plant

Another special way to donate is to plant a tree in honor of
each guest.  You can do this
through the American Forests Organization that is dedicated to planting trees
"in the right place for the right reason."  Also, it is a great way to help the environment.  At your reception, it is a good idea to
print up place cards with the image of a tree, the name of the organization and
a short message informing guests about your donation.


  1. Heifer

About:  Heifer International is a non profit organization that is
dedicated to help in ending world hunger. 
One idea is to donate a flock of chicks for every guest present for
hungry families around the world to become more self-reliant.  Then of course it is a great idea to
print up place cards for your guests informing them about your donation and
what it means to you as a couple.


  1. Make-A-Wish

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is America's largest wish
granting organization.  The
Make-A-Wish Foundation gives hope, strength and joy to children with
life-threatening medical conditions. 
Today the foundation has evolved into an organization that grants a
child's wish in the U.S. every 40 minutes.  For your charity donation you could sponsor one child's wish
or two and display place cards at the reception explaining their story.  This donation is one of the most
personal and will make both you and your guests feel a sense of accomplishment
and possibly even spark them to give to the Make-A-Wish Foundation themselves.

There are hundreds of other charities to choose from but these will get you started 

Stay tuned for more great ideas from Big City Bride!  

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