Grooms Cakes

The groom's cake originated in the South, and although in the past it was seen as an unnecessary expense, the groom's cake has made a big comeback.  Originally the groom's cake was meant to be a gift from the bride to the groom and is typically represented by masculine objects and colors.  The presence of a groom's cake allows for the wedding party to see the groom's personality and/or sense of humor.  Brides tend to get creative from a snickers cake to a Budweiser can and even liquor soaked; each groom's cake is very unique.  The whole idea of the grooms cake is to give the groom something to take away from the big day that is, for the most part about the bride. 

The groom's cake can be presented at either the rehearsal dinner or the actual wedding.  Traditionally the groom's cake is a smaller cake displayed next to the bride's cake and is later cut into pieces for guests to take home.  In this way, boxed slices of groom's cake can serve as wedding favors as well.

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