Creative Wedding Favors

Finding the right wedding favor to give your guests can be somewhat of a challenge.  You want to be personable, but it might be hard when you have 150 or more guests!  You also want to show your guests how much you appreciate them coming to celebrate your special day.  So how about giving them a creative gift that will sure make them feel welcomed!

Our first idea is to give them these cute tin tea containers that have a special little note attached.  These come with a special note that reads "The Perfect Blend."  Now every time your guests have a cup of tea they will remember your wedding day!

Another cute and eco-friendly idea is boxed moss with fertilized tree seeds!  This is a sure way to have your guests remember you and your special day!  The trees begin to grow in 3-5 weeks and can last for years!!

With the warm weather sneaking up on is, sitting through a hot, non air-conditioned wedding ceremony can be quite uncomfortable.  One idea to please your guests that can also double as a wedding favor is to give them straw fans.  And if you are an environmentally conscious person you can have them made out of bamboo if you want to go green!
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