Different Bouquets for Bridesmaids

Are you looking for a way t be creative and innovative with your bridesmaids?  By having your bridesmaids carry different styles of bouquets it not only is special to each of your girls, but also adds a great dimension to your wedding photos.  It is such a unique twist to the typical bridal bouquets! 

One example is using a graduated shade of color.  For instance, one bridesmaid might have a pale pink color, another a brighter pink, and the third with a hot pink bouquet. 

Another idea is to have your bridesmaids carry all the same color, but different types of flowers.

If you really want to spice things up with color, you can have each bridesmaid carry a different color bouquet and maybe even have them match their shoes to their bouquet color!  This idea works great with neutral bridesmaid dresses like gray, white, and black.

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  • Hi Susan! I write Image of Humanity here on Chicagnow. I see that you are an event planner. Have you heard of Wish Upon A Wedding?

  • I love the idea of letting bridesmaids pick their flower arrangements; individual personalities can truly shine that way.

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