Bridesmaids Accessories

Are you looking for a way to make your bridesmaids look more cohesive, and in a fun way? Well, why not have your girls accessorize in style!  If you are already getting them a thank-you gift for being there for you on your big day, then give them jewelry, a wrap, or a handbag to wear at the wedding! 

If you anticipate a little chill factor, get your bridesmaid a cute shawl to wrap themselves with.  You can even make it more personal by giving them each a different color. 

If you want a more classic look, then get your bridesmaids pearls!  Whether you get them pearl earrings, a necklace, or bracelet, your girls are sure to look elegant. 

If you're wondering where you should keep your lip-gloss and tissues, then I'm sure your brides are wondering the same.  Give them a cute handbag to bring to the big day!  Make the bags more personal by designing them at 1154 Lill Studio located at 904 W. Armitage Ave.  There you can customize handbags by choosing the style and fabric that you want. 

Whatever you choose your girls will look great for your wedding day. 

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