Top 10 Reasons to have a Winter Wedding

If you are a future bride who wants to stand out, a winter wedding in Chicago may be for you!  There are so many advantages in having a winter wedding, and here are our top 10.

  1. You Get What You Want!  There are usually more dates available for vendors, churches, photographers, bands, etc.  You have more choices.
  2. Vendors Will Offer Lower Prices.  Since a winter wedding is in the "off season" for weddings, some vendors will offer discounts.  With the extra savings you can spring for the extra vocalist in the band, or bring in a late night snack. 
  3. Have A Destination Wedding!  A number of warmer locations offer discounts during the winter season.  This way if the cold weather isn't your cup of tea you can head some place warm and save. 
  4. Easy To Find Decor.  During the winter season there are many festive decorations that are at your finger tips.  Most churches are also already decorated for the winter season, so you may not have to hang many decorations. 
  5. Serve Comfort Food & Beverages!  Since the weather is a little chilly, serving a seasonal hearty soup is a great options.  Also serving your guests seasonal drinks like eggnog, apple cider, and hot cocoa are also a great alternative! 
  6. More Friends & Family Can Come!  When you have a winter wedding you don't have to worry about your closest friends and family going on vacation.  Plus your guests coming from out of town get an excuse for a winter vacation.
  7. Less Expensive Honeymoon!  There are a number of resorts who offer discounts and better deals during the "off season."  Take advantage of these deals and upgrade your romantic honeymoon! 
  8. Keep Yourself & Your Bridesmaids Warm With Unique Accessories!  Covering bare shoulders with a shawl or wrap is a great way to stay warm and add style. 
  9. Get Creative With Your Bouquet!  Instead of the usual bouquet of flowers try a crystal bouquet that can last forever!  Just like your wedding this bouquet is anything by typical.  
  10. There is no better setting for a wedding then a Winter Wonderland.  If you are thinking of a winter wedding there is nothing more beautiful and elegant then a snow white wedding.

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