Keep The Beauty Of Your Wedding With You Long After The I Do

You have had the perfect wedding, with the perfect flowers, and now you want to remember it forever.  How can you remember your day long after it is over?  Here are a few ideas... First things first, make sure within two days of your wedding you place the flowers in a large plastic bag.  Then blow air into the bag since it contains carbon dioxide that keeps the flowers fresh.  Then close the bag and put it in the refrigerator.  What ever you do, don't place it in the freezer!

One idea is to get a Shadow Box made.  You can put your bouquet inside as well as invitations, garter, a picture of the new married couple, or an other memorable items from your wedding.  The Shadow Box displays your memories on the wall so you can see them every day!
shadow box (Custom).jpg

Another idea is to get a Keepsake.Jewelry Box made.  All you would have to do is bring your bouquet to a floral preservationist.
jewerly box (Custom).jpg

If you don't mid getting rid of your bouquet you can recycle it into paper instead.  All you have to do is send your bouquet to Woman Craft, Inc. and your memories will become a book, picture frame, thank you notes, and more!

Whether you have it displayed on a wall, visit it every morning when you are picking out the accessories for your outfit, or create personalized stationary keep your wedding with you long after it is over.

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