What Will Happen Next??? Fun Surprises That Will Keep Your Guests Guessing

One question that inevitably comes up when planned a wedding is how to keep guests entertained.  A majority of weddings have guests ranging in age from children to elderly.  With such a large age bracket, you have to appeal to all age groups.  In other words, hours of drinking and dancing might seem fun to some, but you need a plan that will keep guests interested throughout the duration of the event.

I like to think of a wedding or event as a production.  There should be surprises or interactive elements that keep your guests' interest.  Fireworks are a classic surprise element, but there are lots of other ways to spark interest (no pun intended!).

For example- an interactive guest book can add a lot to your party.  Grab a few Polaroid cameras, stickers, adhesive letters, paint pens, etc and let your group create a memorable guest book.  This is especially fun if you have someone in charge of the guest book.  Another fun spin to this idea is photo booths.  Capture your guests in a number of frames and then have them write something special next to their picture.

Another fun idea:  If you have a venue that will allow you to bring in your own desserts you can have the cooks in your family or group of friends supply their best dessert dish.  This will aslo strike up conversation about who has the best dessert.

To further this concept- you could even have the dessert recipes to these dishes included in the wedding favors (as long as you aren't giving away any family secrets).

Maybe add a fun show or act during cocktail hour.  Magic is an act that can reach guests of all ages.  It adds a fun twist to cocktail hour, and will leave your guests with something to talk about the rest of the night.

Searchlights at the event entrance are a great party starter too.  You can use an ice sculpture to welcome guests as they arrive- as a creative twist have the ice sculptor chipping away at the block of ice at your reception site.  The sculpture will be revealed at the end of the night.  This is interactive and will keep guests around to see the finished product.

Other surprises include a balloon drop or confetti during a special song or at the end of the ceremony as the couple embraces in their first kiss.  You could also include a personal note to each guest at his or her seat.  Each note can be a funny story that guests share at the dinner table- this serves as an icebreaker which is always a great way to start the party.

These added bonuses to your wedding will keep your guests guessing all night long.

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  • I love love love all of these ideas. I would have enjoyed having some of these activities available at the weddings that I have been to. I'm hoping to add the photobooth element to my wedding, I never thought about the magician though that would be fun...

  • In reply to wedding:

    I'm glad you liked these ideas! Some times when you step out side of the box, you find an idea that you really love! Stay tuned, we have all sorts of fun ideas hitting the blog soon!

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