All the Single Ladies????

When you are single and attend a wedding you either look forward to or dread 4 little words... All the single ladies.  Whether you love it or hate it the tossing of the bouquet at a wedding is a tradition stemming from one from medieval Europe.

In the 14th century, the wedding gown was considered good luck.  Wedding guests would grab frantically at the bride's dress in hopes of tearing off a piece.  As there became more of a sentimental value on increasingly expensive dresses (and concern for the bride's safety), the bride would try to distract guests by throwing something.

First came the throwing of the garter, and then the bouquet.  All single women would gather around to catch the floral arrangement, which was believed to provide luck and fertility.

This tradition, however, could be dying.  Some single women don't wish to marry and some simply do not like being put in the spotlight.  If you's like to keep a little bit of that tradition there are other options.

Some floral designers create bouquets that can be broken up into smaller sections to be given to each bridesmaids as a way of saying "thank you" for taking part in the ceremony.

Another options is to call up the teenage girls and give them an individual flower, or perhaps a small gift.

Yet another option is to throw dried rose petals, confetti or ribbons and not expect anyone to catch anything.

Whatever you decide, it is best timed after the cake cutting, to allow the cake to be cut into individual ieces while the guests are distracted.

Whether you consider yourself a strict traditionalist or more modern, there are options to suit everyone!

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