Don't Dread the Fall Weather... Embrace It!!!!!

With the weather in full fall fashion the time for scarves, boots, and cuddling next to a fire is among us.  It also means fall brides have to be even more prepared for Chicago's unpredictable weather.   Don't let the weather control your wedding embrace it!  Rain, snow, and cold temperatures are just reasons to add accessories to your wedding.  Brides and their bridesmaids can now stay warm, dry, and fashionable with these accessories that compliment fall fashions.  Compliment your bridesmaids with:

  • Matching Scarves- Let your wedding's color scheme shine through while keeping your ladies warm.  Not only can it be used after the wedding, reminding them of your wedding long after, but it can also serve as a prop for photos to give you something a little different.
  • Coats- If you have your colors set but want to add one more splash to your bridal party, give the ladies a fun and fashionable coat.  You can match your ladies' personalities with different styles of coats but the same pattern or color.  This will add a fun and funky twist to your wedding and keep your bridesmaids frostbite free.

Part of the joy of getting married in the mid west and especially Chicago is that you can have a 70 degree and sunny day in November, but it can also be sub zero, freezing temperatures.  Now you can stay warm and still look beautiful!

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