Bride and Gloom

Excitement effortlessly consumed you the second he slipped that diamond ring on your finger, and in the following weeks your mind started racing through the thought of whom to invite, to how many tiers you should have on your wedding cake.  Of course your husband to be is excited for the big day but you may be getting down about how uninterested he appears about all the wedding day details.

You are not alone!!!  A lot of men know and realize how much their bride loves to get into the nitty gritty details of planning the wedding and think they are doing you a favor by handing you the reigns.  There are others who see the wedding day as just another stepping stone they have to reach in order to spend the rest of their life with you;  isn't that the most important part anyways?  Instead of getting down about your gloomy groom, try to be proactive and make the experience interesting for him.  I know how easy it is to get carried away with your girlfriends,  but try to include him in the decision making process so he feels more hands on.  You can also give him a heads up when meetings with your planner will consist of decisions he may not care about, like floral arrangements.  On the flip side make sure to give him responsibilities for things that interest him, the music selection or band perhaps.  Taking the time to understand how involved your groom wants to be in the planning process and realizing that Weddingland is foreign to him and he is probably struggling is key.  Chin- up and realize that your groom wants a lifelong marriage with you, and that;s the most any woman could ask for.  Just because he's not as into the linen or invitation decision as you, doesn't change the fact that he wants a marriage, not just a wedding.

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