Are You Ready to Start Planning?

So he just popped the question and you can't wait to start planning your big day.  Whether you already have ideas or need a little help getting started here are useful tips to planning your wedding that no bride should go without.

1) Hire a professional.  Just as if you wouldn't build a house without a general contractor, you should view a wedding in the same way.  It's a big investment, and there are several vendors that must work together in order to make the event happen.

2) Pick your location so the whole weekend makes sense.  A great party is so much more than dimming the lights and cuing the music.  I guarantee you will have a better wedding weekend if guests are in there "comfort zone".

This means planning your weekend so that it makes sense logistically.  In the beginning phases you want to think about your entire wedding weekend as a unit.  Most weddings consist of several events: ceremony rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, and sometimes Sunday brunch.  You want to avoid geographical stress.  What I mean is you want to host all of these events at locations that are close in proximity to avoid having y our guests lost all weekend or relying on map quest to get from place to place.

3) When selecting a wedding date, there are many important factors to consider which may not immediately come to mind.  Couples should take into account all sacred and secular holidays, even if they do not pertain to your immediate circle.  For example, even if you are not Jewish, it is important to remember Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur take place in the fall and might prevent Jewish friends/ family from attending.

4) Check the City of Chicago convention schedule, festival calendar and look out for other major city events.  A citywide convention (which is very common) can drive up hotel room rates, make getting around town difficult, and could hamper extracurricular activities for wedding guests.  As far as October baseball in Chicago goes, it hasn't been much of a concern in the past but I suppose it's now something to consider!

When I got married in '03, the last thing that I though I needed to worry about was post season Cubs play!  But as luck would have it that year, they were in the playoffs, and yes there was the discrete, portable TV sitting atop a guest table during my reception.

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