Themed Weddings... Classy not Cheesy

ThemTheming a wedding doesn't have to be cheesy or expensive- it can serve as a common thread that ties your whole wedding weekend together.

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A theme should start at the beginning of the planning process and carry all the way through the thank you notes.  No matter what your theme is, make sure you really drive it home.  Repetition is the key- you need to repeat it over and over again to make an impact  Just like when you walk into Pottery Barn- you don't see one picture frame, you  see a hundred identical picture frames lined up right next to each other.  Suddenly, those hundred picture frames are attractive and have made an impact on you.  Theming is a great way to express your fashion trend like focusing a color, a seasonal theme like leaves for fall, or a destination theme like seashells for ocean weddings.  A theme can be focused on an object like feathers, rocks, water, or glass.  A theme can be different textures or a shape- for example doing a square cake, square glasses, square plates, square tables, square invites, and square floral centerpieces.  A theme can be born out of an artistic concept or it can come from an interest that represents the couple.  Brainstorming about a theme can begin with a closer look at the couple's culture, lifestyle, hobbies, work, etc.

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