Something Bought, Something Blue, Something Personal...

Your bouquet is the last thing you clutch before saying "I Do," why not make sure it has added significance?  Personalize your flower bouquet with a sentimental piece.

Really?  Religious?  Wrap a rosary around the stems, displaying the cross at the center.  Having a piece of heirloom jewelry from a loved one?  Tie it on with a ribbon and allow it to display dangled from the base of the flowers.  Another neat idea is to tie a locket around the stems containing a picture of your parents' wedding or your grandparents'.  You could also keep a picture of a lost friend or family member inside.  You may also get a small charms made with you and your groom's initials as well as your wedding date and secure them around the base.  You can attach any personal item to your bouquet that means a lot to you.  This will ensure it will be ther with you every step of the way.

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