Shh... Secret Photo Op

It's not hard to find a photo worthy spot in the heart of Chicago.  Finding a fresh location to shoot wedding photos, where twelve other brides haven't that same day, is.  Sure, Buckingham Fountain, Millennium Park, and North Avenue Beach produce beautiful backgrounds, but why go there when you could have a much more intimate, natural space to yourselves?

The Alfred Caldwell Lilly Pool is one of Lincoln Park's hidden gems.  Located right next to the Lincoln Park Zoo, this public space makes for a perfect canvas to shoot picturesque wedding photos or engagement shots. The light hits the pond brilliantly, bouncing off of the stacked shale that frames the waterfall, allowing your photographer to capture natural beauty alongside natural affection between the two of you. This makes for an original, dynamic space; one that most would simply overlook while walking past its modest, street side entrance.

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