How to Rock Short Hair on Your Wedding Day

Almost every girl grows up dreaming about her wedding, planning details that range from dresses and floral to hairstyles and veils.  They also envision having a fabulous long hair up do on their wedding day.  However, as children we didn't know that we might come to love our short hair.  Well you no longer have to go through the pain and time of growing out your hair.  With some careful style planning you can rock your short hair.

When it comes to short hair, accessories are key.  You can do a flower, headbands, different styles of clips, different styles of veils, and much more.  Just because you have short hair does not mean you are limited to what you can do.

Recently, after working a wedding with a bride who had short hair, I was again reminded that you don't need to have long flowing hair to be gorgeous on your wedding day.  The bride's beautiful short hair was accentuated by a small headpiece and a long flowing veil.  So, here are some ideas for those of you who want to rock short hair on your wedding day!


Here's to Candice!  Short hair and gorgeous!  Photos By Eric O'Connor


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  • Susan, I searched high and low for a wide-net short veil like that. Where are they to be found in Chicagoland? Or, better yet, where is that net available for the DIY crowd?

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