End your night with a BANG!!!

So much preparation goes into your wedding day... wouldn't it be a shame if you didn't end it with a bang?  1104-Ambrose_Basanez (Custom).jpg 5PtbxeEcQqtjptuo1yWk7mKVo1_500 (Custom).jpg

A fabulous exit is a must do at any wedding celebration.  You have to make a statement and you want your loved ones to send you off on an awesome note.  What better way to do so than fireworks?  Sparklers are cheap, easy, and everyone loves them.  Find an outdoor stairway or an open stretch of space where you can create a sparkler tunnel for the grand exit.  Your guests will be waiting for you and your hubbie with their arms stretched out above you, creating a picture perfect tunnel of light.  Take this opportunity to have your photographer shoot a ton of pictures because this is an amazing photo op!  The sparklers come out beautifully in the photographs and this is a new, fun, photo idea very few brides think of.  Have fun creating an original, memorable exit that will send sparks flying.

Thank you Gerber + Scarpelli for these photos!

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