Bridal Boot Camp

It's your wedding day.  All eyes are on you.  All cameras are on you, including the expensive photographer you paid to follow you around all day.

Suck it in + breath out when the picture is taken + angle your body just right + put your hand on your hips + chin up = slimming picture position.


Come on ladies!!! The only way to look slimmer in a photo is to actually be slimmer!  You're not fooling anyone or any camera lenses by following these silly tactics.  Come up with your own fitness plan or find a location near you to help you get in shape.  Be proactive about your bod by doing a little research and then make it happen.  There are different programs around Chicago that give brides an intense program to shave off pounds before you have to slip into that white dress.  Check out local gyms to see if they have a Bridal Boot Camp for you to join.  Hiring a personal trainer is always an option, as long as you have the funds for it.  Because these programs are a bit costly, perhaps you would rather make a couple appointments with a nutritionist and put together a workout program; that way you can always see what your workout has in store for you.


In the end, your family, friends, and most importantly your fiance, don't care if you lose those extra 5 pounds, but maybe you do.  You are going to enjoy yourself more if you are happy with yourself.  No one likes feeling self conscious in pictures and in front of crowd, which is all happening on your wedding day.  You'll feel more energetic, confident, and camera ready if you just make that extra effort.  So what are you waiting for?

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