Baby Bump Bridesmaids

Many brides have friends or family members that are trying to get pregnant in their bridal party.  But what do you do if a bridesmaid expectantly got pregnant?  Here are some simple solutions to help with this bump in the road...

What to do if you find out:

Ahead of Time:

Make sure and be accommodating by choosing an empire waist dress or choosing a line of dresses that has that as an option.  This cut is extremely bump friendly and flatters most body types.  You should also check in with the store your purchasing from and see if they will let your expecting bridesmaid get fitted for her dress the month of.  Some companies such as J Crew or Nordstrom do overnight shipping, making it easy for you expecting bridesmaid to order the correct size last minute.

After the dresses have already been fitted and ordered:

Call the store and see if fabric can be added on.  Most locations are pretty accommodating and this is most likely not the first time they have been asked to do so.

You can also try to match up your bridesmaids' dresses with an "off the rack" dress that would accommodate her new size.

Or try adding a shawl or cover- up that will make your pal feel more comfortable and less exposed.

All in all, keep in mind that having your special gals there for your big day is the most important part remembering that there is always an answer to wardrobe.

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