10 Secret Signs of Love the Day of

Your wedding day is going to be a flash of fun, emotion, and excitement.  Often times there is so much commotion, you lose sight of what this special day is all about; the intimate connection between the two of you.  Every couple has their own way of saying "I Love You."  It is important to show your significant other how much you care about them every day, even your wedding day.  Here are 10 ways to incorporate fun and even quirky expressions of love and even lust throughout the big day.

1. Arrange for your fiance's favorite food item to surprise them when there is down time.

2. Purchase a card beforehand and have their close family members and friends write a little something to show their support and good wishes for the future.

3. Sport matching underwear for a sexy little secret
between the two of you.

4. Buy a small gift that goes along with an inside joke that only the two of you share and leave it for them to find.

5. Come up with a code word between the two of you and use it when you feel stressed out, excited, or just because.

6. Love notes are timeless and perfect ways to express what you're feeling while apart; especially if you are waiting till the ceremony to see one another.  Have a member of your bridal party or a family member run a note over to them while they are getting ready.

7. Videotape yourself beforehand and make it a movie about how you met and your lives up until this point.  It will comfort the other to see your face before the ceremony.8. Steal their beverage of choice before the morning of and write a short note or symbol on the inside of the cap.  They will have a thoughtful surprise awaiting their thirst.

9. If you choose to not see each other before the ceremony, meet each
other at the door.  Resist the urge to take a peak and let your hands
do the peaking.  Have your hands meet and take the opportunity to
comfort one another.

10. Have something small to hold in your hand like a pebble or a piece of fabric, and squeeze or rub it when feeling nervous or stressed out.  Then when your eyes meet at the ceremony, let the small item drop, letting your worries fall to the floor with it.

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