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Something Bought, Something Blue, Something Personal...

Your bouquet is the last thing you clutch before saying “I Do,” why not make sure it has added significance?  Personalize your flower bouquet with a sentimental piece. Really?  Religious?  Wrap a rosary around the stems, displaying the cross at the center.  Having a piece of heirloom jewelry from a loved one?  Tie it on... Read more »

Bridal Boot Camp

It’s your wedding day.  All eyes are on you.  All cameras are on you, including the expensive photographer you paid to follow you around all day. Suck it in + breath out when the picture is taken + angle your body just right + put your hand on your hips + chin up = slimming... Read more »

End your night with a BANG!!!

So much preparation goes into your wedding day… wouldn’t it be a shame if you didn’t end it with a bang?  A fabulous exit is a must do at any wedding celebration.  You have to make a statement and you want your loved ones to send you off on an awesome note.  What better way... Read more »

Themed Weddings... Classy not Cheesy

ThemTheming a wedding doesn’t have to be cheesy or expensive- it can serve as a common thread that ties your whole wedding weekend together. A theme should start at the beginning of the planning process and carry all the way through the thank you notes.  No matter what your theme is, make sure you really... Read more »

Baby Bump Bridesmaids

Many brides have friends or family members that are trying to get pregnant in their bridal party.  But what do you do if a bridesmaid expectantly got pregnant?  Here are some simple solutions to help with this bump in the road… What to do if you find out: Ahead of Time: Make sure and be... Read more »

10 Secret Signs of Love the Day of

Your wedding day is going to be a flash of fun, emotion, and excitement.  Often times there is so much commotion, you lose sight of what this special day is all about; the intimate connection between the two of you.  Every couple has their own way of saying “I Love You.”  It is important to show... Read more »

A Woman Maid Headache

Having a close group of girlfriends is a must in order to get through the ups and downs of dating.  They’re there to pick up the pieces when the male species has dumped you out into the street, and they are the first ones to congratulate you when you’ve found the one who will love... Read more »

How to Rock Short Hair on Your Wedding Day

Almost every girl grows up dreaming about her wedding, planning details that range from dresses and floral to hairstyles and veils.  They also envision having a fabulous long hair up do on their wedding day.  However, as children we didn’t know that we might come to love our short hair.  Well you no longer have... Read more »

Shh... Secret Photo Op

It’s not hard to find a photo worthy spot in the heart of Chicago.  Finding a fresh location to shoot wedding photos, where twelve other brides haven’t that same day, is.  Sure, Buckingham Fountain, Millennium Park, and North Avenue Beach produce beautiful backgrounds, but why go there when you could have a much more intimate, natural... Read more »