Planning Your Fairy Tale Wedding - How To Get Started!

Don't be afraid to dream.  Focus on what you see in your mind's eye; do you see an ornate ballroom, a chic museum space or a big white tent?  Dig deep into your heart and outline what your vision is - even if you have only a few ideas it helps get the ball rolling in the right direction.  This is also a primary function of a wedding planner.
Many couples come to us with nothing more than an engagement ring and a few ideas .  We begin with a detailed discussion to tap into the couple's vision;  we then generate creative ideas, offer suggestions, and do the ground work to match the couple's vision with great venues and vendors.

Here are some ways to begin shaping your wedding:

  • Brainstorm and write down ideas that you have seen and want to incorporate into your wedding
  • Collect Pictures.  There are so many great wedding resources.  Seek out photos of wedding concepts that you like and keep a file.  Be sure to pull your ideas that you like and that you do NOT like.  When meeting with your design vendors (florals, linens, lighting, chairs) make sure you point out your likes as well as your dislikes... doing this will ensure vendors know what direction to take and what to avoid.  And know what is in season!
  • Make a list of potential themes or concepts that pertain to you as a couple

Before you know it, you'll have a clear picture in your mind of what you want your fairy tale wedding to look like!

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