Guest Comfort

It is very important to consider how your guests will feel at your event.  Making them comfortable will guarantee a fun party.  This includes planning smart and making sure guests know where they're going.  You may know your hometown, but many guests may not and we all know how frustrating it is to be lost and consequently late for an important event. 

If you're sending out formal invitations, make sure the address is listed prominently.  While map cards are no longer necessary in this age of Mapquest, if you do include one make sure the streets and locations are clearly marked.  One great resource for mapping out your wedding weekend is  You can include this as an insert in your invites, or you can publish these directions on your website.

Another chief thing to insure comfort is planning out the seating chart.  People naturally panic if they don't have a space to sit.  Instinct kicks in and groups become territorial - putting coats, purses and napkins on the backs of chairs in order to save their seats.  They will even tip chairs to make their mark.  Guests will be more relaxed knowing you have spent time planning out the seating arrangements.

Make sure it's clear where and when guests are supposed to be.  Include a welcome letter with an event itinerary in welcome baskets/packets.  Also indicate specific instructions regarding any transportation that is being provided (when it's leaving, where it's leaving from, etc).

Avoid awkward questions regarding the bar by providing an open bar.  While it is an easy place to cut back (by making your guests pay for their drinks), it can be an uncomfortable situation if guests were unaware of the cash-only policy.  Make it clear that they are your guests by greeting them with passed wine or a specialty drink.  You don't have to provide an elaborate bar, but it is important that your guests don't feel they need to spend money to have a good time.

Whether it's a fundraiser or a wedding, a birthday party or a baby shower, just remember that while the day might be all about you, your guests need to feel honored to be a part of it.  So make them feel special, and treat them to a fabulous night on the town!

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