"Building" Your Event

Planning an event is much like building a house.  You have to start with a budget and a blueprint and build from the ground up. The budget is the overall figure you expect to spend on your event.  Your blueprint outlines the vital event statistics.  Really spend some time thinking about what items will be included in your budget, and what items can be considered as separate expenditures. Here are some things to include in your blueprint:

  • General Location (suburbs, city, or a destination)
  • Preferred Event Date (check city calendars to make sure there's nothing big - like concerts and festivals - going on that will compete with your event
  • Estimated Guest Count
  • Overall Event Style

When you have these answers you begin to "build" your event.  Setting the date is first.  Since prime dates go quickly you want to jump on picking your venues and getting them locked down with a contract and deposit.  Just like building a house, event planning is a step-by-step process.  Once you have the date solidified, you can then begin checking availability and getting quotes for your key vendors (photography, videography, band/disc jockey, and planner if you haven't already begun working with one).  These service vendors can only do (1) event per day (unlike florists or caterers) so you want to book them first.  Also, making group accommodations should be a high priority as many hotels book out early with conventions, meetings and area weddings.  Once you have your Dream-Team of vendors in place you can then begin to work on designing your entire event.

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