Budget-Friendly Tips & Tricks - Liquor

Whether you're planning a party for 5 or 500, there are simple ways to cut back that no one will notice - and that your wallet will appreciate!  After all, why spend more when you can spend less?!?

There are venues out there in our fabulous city that
allow you to bring your own liquor to the party.  Just like your
favorite BYOB restaurant (check out one of our favorites), they (the caterer) provide the food, and you
provide the liquor.  This means you can buy in bulk from places like
Binny's and Sam's Club - not only do you get to control what's served,
but everything you buy will be significantly less expensive than having
to go through your caterer.  Not to mention they deliver the liquor to
wherever you're having your party!  And in some cases, they'll even
take back whatever is unopened at the end of the night.

Your caterer will still need to provide all the mixers and glassware, but
when you have the chance to bring in your own liquor, you have control
- and who doesn't want control? This also gives you a little more creative license when it comes to what you're serving.  Specialty drinks that would never be a part of a regular bar can be in the spotlight, and you'll still be saving money!

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