Have You Found my Butter?

Almost ____ years ago, my hubby and I were married. With just a few days to spare before law school started, our honeymoon was a trip to Wisconsin to stay at a local Bed & Breakfast. Before we  left though, we spent our second night as a married couple in our very first "home" - an apartment on the north side of the city off the Granville Red Line station.

After romantically cruising Lake Michigan, we decided to stop at Dominick's for some essentials, including the ingredients to make chocolate chip pancakes (a personal fave). We gathered up the ingredients and headed home. However, being our first night living IN the city, what awaited us was not expected. Not one single parking spot for a one mile radius. Not one.

Not willing to allow his new bride to walk, my knight in shining armor dropped me off and then headed off to find a spot. Some time later, he arrived home and said he had finally found a spot about three blocks away. We headed off to bed and were only awaked once by the sound of broken glass. In the morning, I began to cook him our very first breakfast together. While doing so, he noticed that spots had opened up on the other side of the street. He ran out to move the car to a spot right outside our door and couldn't believe his luck and just how much was available now!

Time to serve the breakfast and we realized the butter was gone. We searched the house, moving boxes, and the refrigerator. In our 500 cubic feet, the butter was not to be found. I moved everything, re-checked bags, and looked in the hallways. Finally, I became convinced it must have fallen out of the bag in the car. Jim ran downstairs to check and found something right away!

A parking ticket.

Apparently, the street had suddenly opened up because of street cleaners that were coming within the hour. Hence the sudden availability of parking. He harumphed back up the stairs sans the butter and grumbled about our luck. (He also, coincidentally, found ANOTHER parking spot.)

We never did find that butter, but we did pay the ticket. Have you ever lost something in the city? Have a nightmare parking story?

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