Window Seat Stories

Living in the suburbs, one of my niece's favorite things to do for her birthday and Christmas is to head downtown, shop on the Mag Mile and snag some lunch at Grand Lux Cafe. We love everything about the menu and always end with the molten chocolate cake (wow....) Our number one request when we head into the restaurant though? A window seat. We've waited upwards of 45 minutes for the perfect view and each time, we are not disappointed.

Apart from seeing all the hustle and bustle of Michigan Avenue, we love to people watch (and who doesn't?) A tradition we started a few years ago was Stories. We each taken turns picking one or two people out and the other one tells the back story for each of those people. We give them names, talk about where they are going, what they're doing. Most of the time they are rushing off to work or headed to school, but occasionally we go a little nutty and talk about how the guy with the empty wagon just needed extra space for his shopping or the woman with the bright colored clothes thinks she's a model, but she's not...

The stories are all in good fun and provide us with some much-needed laughter. It's perfect comic relief, but the view is also a beautiful way to enjoy the city (and the food is good to boot!) Do you ever people watch? What's the funniest thing you've ever seen as a bystander?

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