C stands for Chicago & Capital

In my short twenty-nine years, I've traveled to two countries and a myriad of states. On several occasions, when telling people where I'm from, I typically say "Chicago" despite the fact that I only spent 11 months actually living in Chicago and the rest in the suburbs. At least once a trip, I was met with, "Oh, so you are from the capital of Illinois?" What?!

Imagine their surprise when I told them that, no, our capital was in a town called Springfield. Chicago seems to be the major city hub of the midwest. From our great lake to our formerly-tallest-in-the-world skyscraper, Chicago offers much to its visitors and residents. Despite living just 15 minutes from the city limits for the first part of my life, I rarely ventured there and usually only experienced Chicago from an old yellow school bus or through a quick tour in a museum.

But when my aunt and cousin (more like a brother) traipsed into Illinois for their annual visits, we always tried to make a family trip downtown. This blog will chronicle the life and times of my memories and the memories I hope to make. I hope you share your favorite Chicago memories and stories along the way!

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