Ferris Wheel Romance

Twelve years ago, my heart was stolen by that handsome fella in the picture above. We attended Junior year homecoming “together,” Senior year homecoming together, went together to our Senior Prom, and walked each other to our lockers. We broke up once (for a few hours), kissed before we were *officially* boyfriend & girlfriend, helped... Read more »

Have You Found my Butter?

Almost ____ years ago, my hubby and I were married. With just a few days to spare before law school started, our honeymoon was a trip to Wisconsin to stay at a local Bed & Breakfast. Before we  left though, we spent our second night as a married couple in our very first “home” –... Read more »

When Suburbia Fails Us

Having grown up in the south suburbs for the first 21 years of my life, I had no real concept about city living. Upon getting married, we rented a ramshackle apartment in Edgewater while I attended school and after that first year, lived on the very edge of Oak Park (bordering the city). After those... Read more »
ChicagoNow Video

That Time I Walked Barefoot on State Street...

I have gigantic feet. As in size 12, very wide, very big feet. My preferred shoe is a flip flop. Easy on, easy off and frankly? I hardly ever find a pair that doesn’t fit me. I was leaving school one day, flopping along, and snagged a train towards the old Marshall Field’s. I jumped... Read more »

Window Seat Stories

Living in the suburbs, one of my niece’s favorite things to do for her birthday and Christmas is to head downtown, shop on the Mag Mile and snag some lunch at Grand Lux Cafe. We love everything about the menu and always end with the molten chocolate cake (wow….) Our number one request when we... Read more »

Second {to None} City

Have you heard of Chicago as the Second City? What do you think is the meaning behind that? The Chicago History Journal has a great take on the meaning of “Second City” in case you’d like to consider that. My long {although perhaps incorrect} thought was that the meaning had something to do with a... Read more »

Oh, I'm from Chicago.

A friend recently posted a status on Facebook about just how far the borders of Chicago seemed to reach.  People began to recount all the times they had been told someone was “from Chicago” only to find out that the did not even live IN Chicago and in some cases, not even the same state.... Read more »

C stands for Chicago & Capital

In my short twenty-nine years, I’ve traveled to two countries and a myriad of states. On several occasions, when telling people where I’m from, I typically say “Chicago” despite the fact that I only spent 11 months actually living in Chicago and the rest in the suburbs. At least once a trip, I was met... Read more »