Didja Vote? Stay Tuned

Whew!  Never thought this day would get here.  Election Day.  Time for a new chapter in Chicago politics.  Aren't you glad the days of being bombarded with unwanted robo-calls are almost over?  I say almost because if Rahm Emanuel doesn't get more than 50% of the votes, we're going to see a run-off, which means more nuisance calls, both personal and robo.

Stay Tuned.jpg

And though I'm complaining just a smidge, I gotta tell you, this has probably been one of my more favorite moments here.  'Cause when you think politics, Chicago does tend to slip into your conscience.  Not so when you think Los Angeles.

Right now most LA folk are thinking who's gonna win the Oscar pool.

There's a big difference between Chicago and LA politics.  In LA, I always wondered why the local news never lead with City Council shenanigans vs. giving us an inside peek into the latest car chase.  Not so with Chi-town.  You know what politician is doing what with whom.

Love that, and love the fact Chicagoans will possibly have a new mayor in a few hours.  I'm staying tuned!


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