And the Swagger goes to...

Okay.  I've been killing myself trying to figure this one out, but lately I'm hearing all kinds of variations on this word -- swagger.  What is it?

Mitchum & Lemar.jpg

Robert Mitchum and Heddy Lemar

The American Heritage Dictionary calls it, "To walk or conduct oneself insolently or arrogantly; strut."  And man does that still hold, this type of arrogance or pride in one's perception of self.  Manufactured or not.

I've always associated it with a certain style, a panache.  Class.  Yeah...

Chicagoans have it.  Maybe it's the fact it's warm and people are out, heads cocked, chins high, and that I'm-gonna-wring-every-moment-from-everyday feeling overtakes them or maybe... it's the strutting.  I do love a cocky walk, I must say.  Whenever I see someone moving with a certain careless, calculated grace, my brain tunes into "Staying Alive" on my internal MP3.

Los Angeles on the other hand, that song plays there whether people love the weather or not.  Swagger's part of the cultural allure, the affectation.

And swagger's gone totally mainstream.  Hey, if Toyota's gotten into the act, it can't be that bad --

So.  Now that I've got you into the mood.  Go put on your favorite pair of shoes and go on out there and work those hips.  "Staying Aliiiivvvvvvvveee..."

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