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Clash of the Car Titans

Spring in all its mercurial madness is here.  And that means just one thing — this is the time when all those shiny, well-kept cars make their debuts. I’m accustomed to seeing sedans from E-Class, coupes from C-Class, a few SLKs and of course, the M class SUVs.  Mercedes that is.  Lately I’ve seen many... Read more »

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the...

Insert activity.  Once again, I’m flummoxed by the differences between Chicago and LA. Take going to the movies for instance.  The ticket prices here?  Two bucks cheaper than LA, and that’s primetime — shows after 6 pm!  I’m not referencing your special IMAX, 3D, Premier Seating or Director’s Cut experience, just your general-admission-nothing-fancy option.  Concessions... Read more »