Basquiat or Brantley

Having just seen the movie Basquiat ( yeah I know I'm late) but knowing of his work and having read his lifestory (so there) I felt a strong pull in my mind for the work of another Black and Talented artist Hebru Brantley though their works are somewhat similar the aesthetic is rife with conundrums with Basquiat theres no fantasy a canvas of stark realism bathed in the colors of his angst (which is perhaps what Warhol thought) does drugs make the artist? of lack of ? to be exact I'd have to be on the receiving end of said stimulant but being that my creativity is based in past glories could I be irrelevant not of the cutting edge as Jean Michel saw himself/ but with a shitload of self-doubt those colors SAMO were wild unobtrusive to the soul the words not necessarily thought provoking but lame in their urbanism with Brantley you get eggroll that colorful grouping of a lost boys world where what you see is what you trick the eye into believing I like the Afro pundit its Chagall like effect but will Hebru stand the test of time will the buyers and doyennes of the artwork beat a path to his door or will tlhey wait for the spark to flash and die out as with JMB only time and gallery openings will tell but I will in the meantime enjoy the richness and powerful message of this young turk of the canvas as I did Basquiats heroin strokes of brilliance they speak of the dark continent both and of the bright days ahead in Modernism Post Modernism and beyond.

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