Just say thank you sometimes

It has come to my attention the lack of manners in regard to people today when having a gift bestowed upon them and all that is required is a simple phone call of acknowledgement this is especially true of our youth who seem to think of the world as their oyster and have the nerve to ask us to open the shell for them with the upcoming graduations and weddings which are so tied to spring and summer many of us are called upon to attend and give our best wishes as well as some form of gift and of course that's all fine and dandy but when the person or persons on the receiving end of those gifts cant muster up the fortitude to eke out a thank you it leaves much to be desired as to the character of the recipient in question why did I in fact make the effort to support or reward your achievement or joyous occasion if you could not at least say THANK YOU are you REALLY THAT BUSY come on now I'm not asking for an elaborate note of thanks on expensive Crane paper (though that would be a nice touch) but just the fact that you would take the time out to say I really appreciate your appreciating me hell you could even tweet or email me but nothing absolutely NOTHING for shame people I know we live in a time where being punk'ed is the height of hilarity and seeing people at their lowest denominator is cause for mirth but somewhere deep inside of us is that moral fount that spews forth that speaks to us and says do the right thing be kind be decent and let them know that you care about them caring so while you doing a Tasmanian devil on the pretty gift wrap give thought to the wrapper and or buyer of that give and say THANK YOU SOMETIMES.

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