The Bimbo/HIMBO Diaries

oh to be a Bimbo those lovely ladies in towering heels with low expectations it has come to my attention that in todays society if a woman chooses to exercise her feminine wiles then she is in effect cheapening herself i am not of that opinion i feel that empowerment is how you find it and if for some reason firebird red lipstick and fishnets wil get you to your goal than who am I to say but the reason I'm on this particular subject is because its SUMMER and the bimbos will be out in full force which means will we all (men and women) have to keep our piece in regard to some of the outrageous not to mention whack outfits that will be seen on the streets of Chicago the frigth of cellulite the scare of hair the painted faces that would make bozo shame yep it'll all be there but for some unnamed reason it works if you dont believe me take a stroll thru the taste of Chicago where you'll see more meat and potatoes popping out of tube stops and daisy dukes that would make Rick James blush (and that would be hard to do especially since he's dead) but I suppose when your young and your window for catching a sucker (uh man) you gotta work fast so it really doesnt matter if when in the grocery store the el train or Movie theatre (before the lights go out) that someone should tap you on the shoulder and point you to the Admiral yet it takes nerves of steel and the confidence of a Wallenda to suspend in the air what normally would have em writing citations for indecent exposure and while were at it is sagging far behind (pun intended) the himbos are just as wretched I dont care if its calvin klein 2xist or whatever i really don't want it in my face on the 151 bus so do me and your fellow Chicagoans a favor put a scarf on it or a tee shirt or a jacket or a placard unless your hotter than Beyonce George Clooney Channing Tatum and Giselle that skanky behavior wont ring any bells not that I'm a prude by any means i just saying even though beauty is in the eye of the beholder let's not be beholden to nonsense that said have a safe and sane summer.

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