A blaze a haze a firery maze of frenzy the people going hither and you to and fro
you know the neighbors kids they be from the other side of down they be new faction
some say they down
Ice cones and weed into my mouth it bleeds i cant take the cold I cant take the heat
give me shelter from the wretched as we speak make it at 10 pm ill be better than
Who dat on Princeton better not be them dons talkin smack and sellin crack them boys days is numbered got me a equalizer from my spiritual advisor.
Damn its hot so so hot how close to the sun Ill get another case i catch for some medicocre shit but this is mine my turf my surf
My bowl of fruit the gift of my urban birth
mama said in at eight never paid her no mind cause bout my daddy she lied
hate gwen love lynn in pink short gonna go through her window at ten
where they at with that ice my remys warm my blood runs cold
sell me some link and give me a peek
I am the fodder of the newest haute charter
aint going back im through never never never making moola thought you knew
theres a place i need to be where the homies dont run free on California you know the University there I was made there i was played yeah I was young coulda been a contender had not Johnnie Cochran been gone
my ride is beat damn this summers heat
turn it up turn it up aint payin com ed this con need be fed
ah the swarthy McCarthy a hail and hearty hello to you my boy
all Irish pride and eye talian wit think I care give a shit?
make me break me cause the heat can't and all I'm askin is for the Alderman to give me a chance.

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