Suggestion for the CTA ...ASAP

Not That I have any real problems with the CTA (Been a rider all my life) the interaction between customer and management will always be at best a Fu&*&^%ked up situation but we as citizens have to make the best of it here are a few of my suggestions.
1-Have an Orange line stop a 18th
2-Run a bus route from Canal and 18th to Canal and Wacker
3- Give tax and business incentives for businesses at train stops
4- Bring back THE LAKE STREET BUS.
5- Extend the Green line Cottage Grove to the lake or damn close as possible.
6- Hire H.S. kids for early morning Janitorial jobs for the summer months.
7-Make certain train/bus routes free for a day once a month
8- Give free passes out to shelters once a month to help stimulate
those in need of employment .
9- Link the Brown and Red lines at the shortest distance (yeah it'll
cost but we reversed the river).
10-Three hour transfers on Wednesday

Hey I know these suggestions are outrageous and totally improbable but it's just something to get the ball rolling and if anyone has any suggestions to make please let it be known as well unless youre one of those people whose too good to take public transportation.

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