Skate boarding vs. School Closings

It has come to my attention that at 2.5 million dollars a Skate Boarding Park is being considered for Grant Park this being in the wake of school closings in the inner-city I find somewhat incongruous being that a certain Mayor ( whose name I shall not mention) has lauded the cause for education over and over to infinity and beyond for all of Chicagoland students especially of the Charter variety well people of Chicago I can certainly see the merits of Skateboarding versus the 3 R's hey a dangling participle has nothing on a reverse double pike (whatever that is) which perhaps one day may lead to Olympic gold or a Cereal Box or a Reality T.V. Wedding and just as a certain Basket-Ball Arena espoused by a Mayor (whose name I shall not mention) will inspire droves of inner-city kids to lay down their arms and flush their drugs (if only those pesky SAT's weren't in the way) to Hallowed Hoop Heights and make tons of cash for Universities who would have never considered them in the first place academically and do inner-city kids ( code word :hood rats) even Skate Board? wouldn't sagging be a detriment to the loop de loops so prominent to the Picasso Posse that are always being chased away into oncoming traffic by security well I suppose the Mayor ( whose name I shall not mention) is doing a public service for these nomads of the g-force whizzing through the air to the sounds of Mahler at nearby Pritzker Pavillion will no doubt inspire many a Boarder to put away their adolescent pastime to pick up the Conductors baton which is better than being hit by one by one of Chicagos finest for obstructing the public way. OUCH!.

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