On a beautiful sunny spring day I decided to take advantage of the free admission at the Museum of Contemporary Art entering from the Pearson street entrance and past the Koi pond and up the stairs to check my bag I began with Warhol and his French Femme Friend onto another artist whose name I don't recall yet whose work was somewhat cartoonish yet vibrant then on to the last level and to my surprise the land of Calder whose mighty fine Mobiles give off the most whimsical vibe but would seriously set of a Roche Bobois piece turning off to my right I encountered Isa and her Social Fa├žade American room with faux flora Agapanthus and Roses ect in a vase and flying space men leaving their luggage on the floor beneath them whose contents would give any visitor pause a Disney Duck on a desk, hanging rubber gloves(my my my) the ground zero video and oil x1-2007 moving on to Fuck the Bauhaus with its andy isa wolfgamg kai and dan totems and the schwules (gay babys) a reception room of blue poufs under a golden Lampe(lamp) 1996 reclining to a film of Chicago the Rookery being featured with a car out front onto its interior shots of Sullivans ornamental icing then the old Karolls to the new Burnham Hotel a New York,N.Y. moment Ellipsoids of silken precision and Concrete chunks sporting antennae a video of 2 women in Combat ( Voyeuristic angst or feminist joy) onto a Pioneer receiver ad (circa 1979) bringing back my teen years of WXRT Isa takes our measure with guilt gilt and pain it is a mesmerizing trip of post Dresden WWII and the shock/schlock of Dix not so much for the eye but for the ohr (ear) I enjoyed it with ......HOT reservation. so will you.

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